Hi there all.
I’m hoping to get some advice and tips on how to import product from China to South Africa.
I have been on the net and there are not much specific details.
Here goes.
1.I know what product I want and I found the guys that sell the product on Aliba.com. Is it safe to order product from them and would it be ok to pay the all the money upfront.
2.I am ordering 10 units and the supplier agreed to ship it for me and he suggest I use DHL. DHL works out quite expensive. Is there any other way to get 10 units here? The box will be about 1MX1MX1M and around 8kg.
3.Is it possible to put that size box on a ship?
4.When to product has been sent via DHL is there anything I need to be doing from my side when the product arrives in South Africa
5.Is there anything particular about importing items that have batteries into south Africa (Torches)
6.Is there anything I need to know before importing or trying to import generators?
7.Is there anybody from South Africa that is currently importing from China that I can learn from and also get assistance with my first import especially see freight