Hello South Africa!

Following international media, the perception of the new South Africa seems to be slowly changing around the world. Questions are being asked weather Mandela’s legacy will stand the test of time even after he will no longer be with his nation. Recent events such as “Marikana”, Xenophobia attacks of African foreigners, the Mandela Family in-fights, as well as the frequent murder of  gay and lesbian people shade a bad light on the beautiful country of South Africa, where diversity forms the essence of Ubuntu.

The later, “the frequent murder of  gay and lesbian people”, was recently discussed in a German news report. The report is questioning Mandela’s legacy, who in his time as president of South Africa, has fought and established one of the worlds most progressive constitutions, giving equal rights and acknowledgement to all kind of minority groups.

See report on: http://www.heute.de/Wie-Mandelas-Erbe-missachtet-wird-28877590.html (it is in German).

In 1996 Nelson Mandela established equal rights for gay and lesbians. In South Africa, homosexual orientated people are allowed to demonstrate and adopt children. South Africa, as the first country in the world, granted in 2006 homosexual couples the legal right to marriage.

Yet, hate crimes and the murder of gay and lesbian people have become more and more frequent in recent years. The article on “heute.de” demonstrates this e.g. via the recent murder of Duduzile Zozo, who was horrifically killed for her sexual orientation. Frustration and fear is a common nominator among gay and lesbian people living in South Africa.

Thus, the question to South Africans:  is South Africa a homophobic society? I would love to hear the South African perspective about the possible elimination and destruction of Nelson Mandela’s legacy  -and the basic human rights for all – to which Mandela had dedicated his life to.


Looking forward to your feedback and opinions!