My mechanic is holding my car and dodging my calls.
This mechanic took my car to fix some engine fault he demanded 12000 rands as a deposit which was paid when he took the car 4 months ago so now its been 4 months he is telling this week today tomorrow etc etc after that this month he demanded another 3500 for some special parts which was also paid to him but now he is not even answering my calls and messages i even tried him visit but he is hardly at the workshop and keeps on telling me from last 4 months that parts are with the engineers and they fixing it i mean 4 months is a big time.Also i have visited him like 15 times from Pretoria to Johannesburg using expensive transport as i dont have a car.
When i gave him the car we agreed on that the work will be done on urgent note (max 12 days) and he was very clear on the diagnostics so no other work was to be done.
I have got the proof of payment as well when the payments were made.

I’m very concerned and need my car, what can I do?